“Chat with Sho!”    Spring 2017 Makeup Trends

Written by Shoshuna Akerman





I’m often asked what the makeup trends are for the season by customers, clients and friends alike.  In years past, there seemed to be specific trends that fit into a neat box with clear parameters, and that there were a fewer number of trends.   

What I can say is that this season, there seems to be a hodge podge of trends that run the gamete from a smoky eye; black eye liner being worn various ways, matte lip products; lots of bright colors, to gently strobing/highlighting to give a focus on the skin.  Trends are just that.  They are trends that are in one season and out the other.  You don’t necessarily have to change the entire way you wear your makeup…but, it is an opportunity to try these trends we are seeing for spring.  Plus, you may like some of them and incorporate them into your regular makeup regime.


I love a smoky eye, which has become somewhat of my trademark; a dark smoky eye and a dark lip.   I consider a smoky eye to be equal to the “little black dress.”  No matter how many times it will be said, a smoky eye will always be in trend.  Now there may be variations of it; perhaps a smoky eye with other colors such as browns, greens or purple tones, but the premise for a smoky eye will always be present.  Again, similar to the black dress, there may be different variations of a hem line or a neck line, but as a whole, the ‘little black dress’ is timeless….and so is a smoky eye.  


If you love wearing a smoky eye, like I do, perhaps add a different color at the bottom of your eye.  Try using a deep aqua blue or a green.  The effect of the smoky eye remains the same, but it definitely gives a spin on the classic smoky eye.  


Black eyeliner:  We are seeing a lot of it; from being smudged over the eye area to create an instant smoky eye to more bold lines with sharp edges.  Black eyeliner is a must have.  What you create with it can be limitless.  This is what is so amazing about black eyeliner. There are so many different types of eyeliners out on the market, that there is something for everyone.  Whether you choose a pencil, liquid, gel or a shadow, you can create many different effects on the eye that can easily be adapted to one’s lifestyle.  


Matte lip products are taking the beauty trend by storm.  Long wearing, transfer resistant, and bold colors are what people are asking for.  Not only are matte lip products in high demand for the fabulous colors on the market, but these products can fit into the lifestyle of the busy person.  People want a long lasting lip product that does not need a whole lot of touching up during the day and will not come off during a meal.  

Liquid lipstick has been a high demand, trend. Pigment is where it’s at!  We are seeing matte textures, which are reminiscent of the 90’s, take center stage, once again.  People want color; BOLD COLOR. We are seeing more exploration of lip colors, then ever before.  Blues, greys, browns and greens are just some of these bold colors.   I don’t see matte lip products slowing down, anytime soon.

Some of the most popular liquid lipstick colors in the “Color by Sho” collection are:

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You are going to see lots of color!  We are revisiting the 70’s!  Bright color everywhere!  Get your eyes ready for a rainbow of color.  Colored mascara is back in full force!  Pick your favorite color and go for it!  This is a great trend to try, if you don’t normally wear eye makeup, like shadow.  Mascara gives a pop of color to the eye.  Use it with a lash primer or on top of existing black mascara.  If you want something a bit more subdued with still some color, try Pegasus mascara.  It’s blue mascara from my collection.  Even the most conservative clients love this mascara.  It provides a pop of color to the eye without being over the top.


Highlighting and contouring are terms that are thrown around a whole lot.  We see it everywhere, everyone is talking about it….however, when asked, many people don’t know what it is.  Highlighting and contouring is a technique used to manipulate light and shade.  We’ve been seeing a ton of this on social media.  While it is still in demand, a softer version of highlighting has made its way onto the makeup scene.  Strobing may be applied with your tool of choice, brush, finger, sponge.  Typically the strobing product (liquid, cream or powder) may be applied under the brow, on the cheekbones and the Cupid’s bow.  Keeping it soft and gentle is the latest trend in highlighting.  


Keeping up with makeup trends is fun.  And many of these trends are versions of older trends emerging once again, with a bit of a twist.  You don’t need to wear all of these trends at once.  Try one or two trends and wear it for a day.  Changing up your makeup routine keeps it fresh and interesting.  You may even surprise yourself!  The beauty of makeup is to experiment with it. Play with it!  Give yourself permission to allow your own beauty to shine through.  And don’t forget to have fun!


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