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Who is Yvonne? She is art in motion, beauty, creativity and a muse with musicality all rolled into one package. Yvonne is where music and fashion collide. She is a die-hard, classically trained, seasoned performer who has done everything from background vocals for various artists at SPS Studios to opening up for ACDC. She has always stayed true to her art form by following her heart. She broke out of the underground dance club scene with quite a bang that was heard all over the world and she has been hard at work ever since. She has been blazing up the dance floors with her signature “House” style with infectious, heartfelt grooves and her sultry vocals all the way from New York City to Miami, Rio and Paris!  She has been referred to as “a firecracker...and rarity in the label-controlled world of female performers,” by Snapop.com. She ignited a phenomenon with an international hit album, “Silent War” and received an accolade of hot, smoking reviews. Her sultry and hypnotic beats have been on the wish list of countless disc jockeys world-wide. “Don’t You Know-Revu Par,” “Over N Over” and “Set Me Free,” are just a few of her transatlantic hits that have achieved global success. Her debut single, “Set Me Free” created a firestorm in clubland and the release of “Don’t You Know-Revu Par,” carved out her place in the music industry as a global dance diva. The single roared through Canada and Europe. Shortly after this, she went in for the kill by teaming up with world-renowned producer Lewis Martinee, for the release of “Over N Over” and it was heralded as a true Miami dance anthem. Yvonne has also released national and international remixes with other legends such as Quincy of Beatnik Productions, Dan Mathews of Klubjumpers, plus many more. She has also been featured on over 100 radio and internet shows. Much of her success she feels that she owes to the guidance of Harry Frank Towers of DEET Promotions. With great anticipation, Yvonne has returned with some new surprises for us. She has WOWED us again with the release of her new smash maxi-single “One Kiss” on Phunky Rabbit Records with Placidic Dream and remixes by Europe’s Rampus and Myk Dubz that has been taking the airwaves by storm while blowing us all a kiss along the way together with the debut of her fashion and beauty editorial video for “One Kiss”! She has also been chosen by Traxsource to be part of a special compilation that will be coming out shortly, just in time forthe summer season.

Yvonne was born in New Jersey and raised in upstate New York with her family. She already started singing before she could even speak her first words. She began her classical training by studying voice and piano and sang in the church choir. It was while singing in that church choir that she was able to learn different harmonies and how to nail them with her eyes closed. She had a real epiphany the first time that she ever saw Tina Turner perform. That experience was so foreign from any other musical experience that she was used to and it opened up an entirely different world for her. Tina Turner became a major influence in Yvonne’s life, expression and music. This influence has turned her into the go-getter that she is. Yvonne also looks up to another childhood idol that has helped pave the way for women artists everywhere. That artist is the legendary Stevie Nicks. A regret that she has is that she was never able to meet Prince, who influenced her with his unbridled musical genius. She has learned that you cannot just sit in a rocking chair and watch the world go by. She is and always has been about how to take something and make it better. According to Yvonne, singing has and always will be just as vital as breathing. It’s a part of her DNA. She blends together the worlds of music, beauty and fashion. This former runway model and makeup artist has thrown countless special events while combining her music and fashion sense for various charity events that she has held close to her heart. This is also where you can see her spirituality shine through with all she does. Her love of helping others and caring for the world is such a truly important and necessary part of her life. Her grandmother has been such a key influence in her life. She is the one who introduced her to various spiritual paths. According to Yvonne, “We are all part of the same whole.”

   When I sat down with Yvonne, we spoke about the various changes that have occurred in the music industry today. I asked her to talk about her observations and how she has seen it change. “It’s corrupt. There’s no more money in it. Even the people who have been trying to steal the money find that there isn’t much for them to steal anymore. It has always been corrupt. The starving artist that is super talented is as common as a proverb. If you are really crafty, then you’ll be able to get around it. Songwriting has become a lost art form. There are a lot of labels out there now that are essentially controlling artists, but then very few of these labels are devoting their time and resources into developing these artists. They are trying to put them into a category and then make them copy someone else. There is a huge lack of authenticity in the industry.” Yvonne has been able to focus on the significance of her signature sound and vocals. This is how she has essentially been able to break through and move ahead. Her collaboration with Malc East, the owner of Phunky Rabbit Records, has been like an organic breath of fresh air for her. He knows how to work with his artists and lets their creativity flow through. Plus, he’s funny as hell! He is a seasoned and true professional.

She has enjoyed her collaboration with Norway’s Bjarne Sorum also known as Rampus and Germany’s very own Michael Wardemann, otherwise known as Myk Dubz, who both have done remixes for her maxi single “One Kiss.”  Rampus, who hails from Oslo, Norway, was the co-founder of Phunky Rabbit Records with Malc East until 2012 and started his DJ career back in 1980. He took up music production and is greatly influenced by groups such as Chic and The D-Train.  He enjoys incorporating those grooves into his style of remixing. His musical hero is the one and only Nile Rodgers. “As for my sound, I think that it is a lot more commercial sounding than most House productions. The Disco and 1980’s Boogie kind of stayed with me.”  Myk Dubz calls Munster, Germany home and he is the CEO and founder of 801 Records. He is a sound designer and a wizard at synthesizer technology, utilizing analog, digital, physical modelling and granular synthesis. Michael says “I have worked with every digital and analog tool to create music since the Atari Era.” He had his first record release at the age of 19 and followed with several chart entries and hitting the top 20. He just completed the finishing touches with Yvonne’s latest release of “Forever.”


Yvonne’s release of “Don’t You Know- Miami,” was remixed by George Alvarado, otherwise known as The Late Night Laboratory, who has left his mark in the music industry during the last ten years. His experience as a DJ, record label owner, music store owner, producer and remixer has allowed him to carve out a special place in South Florida’s underground dance movement. He is able and quick to shift back and forth between various types of Electronic Dance Music such as House and Techno. He is relentless in his passion for music and you can hear this passion in his projects. This has propelled him to stay on top of the South Florida underground scene. He was the first DJ in South Florida to spin electronic dance music on commercial radio and continues on his quest towards constructing a global brand as a Remixer, Producer and DJ.

Yvonne is always thinking ahead to the future. She is also currently working with some brand new artists and developing their signature sounds. It is that nurturing side of her that shines through again in another way that is creativity itself.

When it comes to performing on stage, she is actually pretty shy. Yvonne is more of the singer/songwriter at heart. Even though she loves performing on stage, she is a very, very private person. One thing that most people do not know about her is that she has a really bad case of stage fright. As long as she can get through the first eight to ten bars of the song, choreographed, then she’s okay. She doesn’t strive to be on stage all of the time, because her stage fright has also been known to make her feel nauseous when she is performing new material, but once she gets into it, then she is fully committed and raring to go!  She is a different type of performer. It’s all about giving birth to her projects and painting the musical picture with her voice and nurturing character. According to Harry Frank Towers of DEET Promotions,” From the moment I met her, she made an impact. As I got to know her, I found a kindred spirit and I am sure if we were in high school together, we would have been the best of friends.” Along with being her music promoter, Harry has also been her mentor and friend. According to Yvonne, “It would have never happened without him!”

Thank you Yvonne for continuing to inspire musicians in crafting their art form while staying true. We look forward to all of the surprises that you have lined up for us coming up in the very near future. It’s all about truth, love and respect while doing what you do!


For more information on Yvonne, check out her website at Ly3creative.com or please contact Malc East at phunkyrabbit@gmail.com.






Suit Jacket: Jorge Vega Umana

Dress: Asos

Shoes: Cole Haan



Linda Farrow Sunglasses



Dkoye Luxury Haircare and T3 Hair Tools


Foundation: Yves Saint Laurent Fusio Ink


Cheeks: Chanel Bronzing Makeup Base with Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate

Lips: Laura Mercier Lipstick



Jorge Vega Umana



Brian Lee


Dkoye Luxury Haircaire and T3 Hair Tools


Eyes: Too Faced Peach Palette with Lancome Shadows and Dior Blackout Mascara

Eyebrows: Anastasia of Beverly Hills Brow Powder

Cheeks:  Yves Saint Laurent Powder Blusher with Too Faced Candlelight Glow Powder Duo

Lips:  NARS Lipstick


Dress:  Vintage Calvin Klein

Jacket:  Versus by Versace

Fishnet Stockings: Leg Avenue


Necklace: Antique

Opera Gloves: Leg Avenue


Dkoye Luxury Haircare and T3 Hair Tools


Foundation: La Prarie Foundation applied with a Beauty Blender and Andrew Carter Beauty Corrective Setting Powder in Yellow Booster

Eyeshadow: Make Up For Ever and Makeup Geek Shadows

Cheeks: Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate with Kevyn Aucoin  Creamy Glow Duo

Lips: YSL Lipstick with YSL glossy stain

Yvonne Diva on a dime Andrew Carter Beauty Makeup Artist Photoshoot Miami New York Professional Singer Music Editorial shoot Recent News Magazine New York Sparkle Girl



Body Suit: La Perla



Dkoye Luxury Haircare with T3 Micro Hot Tool


Foundation: Mac Face and Body foundation with Tom Ford Illuminating Primer mixed in and applied with Beauty Blenders

Concealer: Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat Pink Corrector and Touche Eclat Luminizing Pen

Cheeks: Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector with Tom Ford Pressed Shimmer Eyeshaow and La Prairie Cellular Radiance Cream Blush set with Andrew Carter Beauty Corrective Setting Powder in pink

Eyes: Giorgio Armani Eye Tint Liquid Eyeshadow with Cle de Peau Beauty Powder Eye Shadow


Ardell Individual Eyelashes with Lancome Hypnose Mascara

Lips: Dior Universal Lip Pencil with Tom Ford Lipstick and Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture Glossy Lip Stain



Peter Thomas Roth 24K Gold Line Smoothing Toning Lotion with La Mer The Body Crème and Guerlain Meteorites Base Perfecting Pearls blended on top with  Beauty Blender



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